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Nothing can stop an experienced, well-equipped thief from stealing your bike
So have more than one way to slow them down until you get there
Or make it so hard to steal your bike that they look for an easier target
Thieves can cut even large-diameter padlocks in a heart beat
So use ones with steel shrouds to prevent bolt cutters from getting at the shackle
Or put the padlock in a steel box, as shown in the pictures below
Cables are typically more difficult to cut than padlocks and standard chain links
But thieves cut through cables, even large-diameter ones, all the time
So use chains with hex links to make it more difficult for cutters to get a solid bite
Park your truck or trailer in an area where you and others can keep a watch on them
Back your truck as close to the door of your motel room as possible
Or back it up to a fence, wall or hedge like the one at the Ramada Inn in Barstow
Or park tailgate to tailgate, and lock both bikes together as a second line of defense
Or get attendants to park your truck in the Valet Parking area
And install an anti-theft device on your truck so they can't get your bike by stealing your truck
Keep your bike's license, vehicle and engine numbers in your wallet so police can quickly get the word out
Cover your bike with a tarp, then secure it to the eye-hooks along your truck bed
Most thieves, and everybody who passes by, completely ignore alarms
So install an alarm that silently pages you when your bike is touched or moved
Then, while he's busy cutting your locks, cut into him with a baseball bat

You are NOT paranoid if thieves really ARE conspiring to steal your bike, but hey, who would steal a GREEN bike when they can steal a RED one in the next truck... :))