"The long tube of the 11mm (inside diameter) buttplug that goes back into the core of the muffler is approximately 50mm long. The internal piece on the Krizman drawing that is labled "outlet" or the outlet pipe, which extends both inward and outward from the rear baffle, is already in place internally on our KLX exhausts without the buttplug in place -- as long as you haven't gutted the internals. It extends back inward towards the turbine cone approximately 55 mm - actually further in than the pencil sized buttplug tube, making the pencil tube irrelevant for SA purposes. The turbine throws the particles towards the outside, where they have approximately 55mm before they hit the rear baffle and have to turn around and snake back out the large 35mm hole, which - according to the genius of the Krizman design - won't happen. No steeeenking 11mm tube necessary. This confirms that the only reason for the pencil sized buttplug was to lower the sound level to 82dB..."