36mm Mikuni Pumper Carb
Contributed by... Brandon MacNicol

Pic1: just getting started. I took off the seat, side panels, and gas tank. To help get the old carb out I disconnected the air box and moved it back about 1 inch. To help in getting the old carb out, disconnect the throttle cables and the cable bracket. The carb should come out the top with just a little turning, jiggling, name calling, and a minimum of thrown tools. Even though the mikuni is bigger I found it just popped into place quite easily.

Pic 2: The old carb next to the new. The arrows drawn on the linkage are there to tell you what position to put the cables in. The reason the 36mm mikuni fits without trimming as opposed to the 33mm mikuni, is the throttle linkage is on the backside of the carb instead of the front.

Pic 3: Strokers kit includes a pair of MotionPro cables. They also include 2 extra main jets and 1 extra pilot jet. All together about a $35 value.

Pic 4: The petcock gets in the way of the linkage so you will need to install this spacer. Also included. With the spacer you will not have any reserve, so when your out of gas that's it.

Pic 5: Close up of spacer installation.

Pic 6: 36mm mikuni pumper carb in its new home.

Pic 7: All done and ready to ride.